Quality Policy

The quality policy defines the company's commitments and guidelines regarding the quality of its products. At Amazon Aço Indústria e Comércio Ltda, this policy reflects a dedication to maintaining high standards across all stages of the production process.For Amazon Aço Indústria e Comércio Ltda, this Policy reflects the commitment to high standards in all aspects of the production process.
Customer satisfaction
Ensure a commitment to service excellence, ensuring quality of products to the satisfaction of our customers and stakeholders.
Continuous Improvement
Promote a culture of continuous improvement of the Quality Management System at all levels of the organization, with the commitment of the leadership, for the application of knowledge and innovation in processes connected to the company's strategic objectives.
Skills development
Engaging employees in continuous improvement, training and development programs tailored to enhance skills relevant to the Quality Management System.
Process Management
Ensuring process-oriented management to fulfill the product requirements in alignment with relevant regulatory standards, thereby ensuring business continuity.
Risk identification
Facilitate the resources for implementing practices to identify to assess risks and opportunities, guided by evidence-based changes.
Provide a mindset centered on implementing best practices for better waste managment generated in our production processes, ensuring corporate responsibility towards the environment.