Pop mesh

Prefabricated metal structure, the POP mesh is a type of steel reinforcement formed by overlapping and welded transverse and longitudinal wires at all crossing points.

* There are 4 specific types of POP Mesh, in panels of 2.00 x 3.00 m.

Use / Applications

Constructions of all kinds, from precast slabs and reinforced concrete to swimming pools Make your budget

- BTG length = 50cm.
- The ends are cut so that there are no bumps or dents.
-To position the BTG at the height indicated in the project, we recommend using the Gerdau truss.
- BTGs with other dimensions and gauges can be supplied on request.
-Smooth CA-25 steel.
Type Mesh (cm) Wire gauges (mm) Estimated panel weight(kg)
LEVE 20x20 3,4 4,28
MEDIO 15x15 3,4 5,84
REFORÇADO 15x15 4,2 8,92
PESADO 10x10 4,2 13,05
Bar Diameter
até 10.0 12,5
de 10,1 até 12,5 16.0
de 12.6 até 15,0 20,0
de 15,1 até 22,5 25,0
maior que 22.5 32,0

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